Welcome to the waitlist for USSU Childcare Centres. Please fill out the form below to be added to our Undergraduate, Graduate or Staff/Faculty waitlists. Indicate if you are identifying as Indigenous within your application as well. Our organization operates at 100% capacity at all times so we only have spaces when families leave our care. Open spaces are filled with current children who “move up” to the next age group prior to contacting families from our waitlist. Your name is placed on the appropriate list for both centres, age ranges, date of care and affiliations with the U of S mixed together so we are not able to give you an accurate idea of how many families are ahead of you or give you a time frame for when you will receive care. After this, we fill spaces from our waitlist based on the age range we need to replace and with the affiliation to the University of Saskatchewan. You must have a current affiliation when offered a spot and be able to submit a valid confirmation of enrolment or employment throughout your time with the Centres. You must provide your child's first name and date of birth. If you are expecting or do not yet have a child please provide a due date, expected arrival date or that you are 'trying'. These can be changed once you are able to update us. If there is no birthdate then we cannot use your application and it will be removed. We will contact you by phone or email so it is imperative that your contact information is correct. If you do not respond then we will remove you from the list in order to serve those who are still waiting for spots. Our waitlists are currently quite lengthy with over 600 families. Additionally, please do not stop by the centres once you are on the waitlist. We are not open to the public for the safety of the children, educators and staff within both locations.

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Undergraduate Student
Undergraduate Student

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