PLEASE REMEMBER TO PROVIDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION!! After you add your child's information click on "add family member" and then add mom or dads information. If you do not add contact info we can not call/email you to offer your child placement in our school! We are tying to sperate out waitlists from 2020/21 school year and 2021/22 school year. If you add yourself to the 2021/22 waitlist please be aware that you may drop in number significantly as we manually move children over from the 2020/21 waitlist. You must be on island to fill out paperwork and accept the spot for your child. If you are not, you may remain on the list and we will check back when a spot opens again. >The age cut off for 2021/22 will be July 31st. For example: a 2 year old will need to turn 2 by July 31, 2020 to attend the 2 year old class. >Moms Morning Out needs to be 3 months by July 31st 2021 > Little Cruisers Approx. 15 months by July 31st 2021 (this class is linked to our moms morning out and placement is based on age/mobility/activity/dexterity of children at the time of enrollment. >Little Tikes needs to be 20 months by July 31st 2021 >Two Year Old's need to be 2 by July 31st 2021 >Three Year Old's need be 3 by July 31st 2021 - Also must be fully potty trained > Jr Kindergarten need to be 4 by July 31st 2021- Also must be fully potty trained

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