Hello! Welcome to the WAITLIST for The Joy of Sewing and Embroidery Service. Please fill out the form below. If your garment is not in, please be sure to keep me informed so I can update your submission. PLEASE NOTE AS OF 12 NOON 2/4/23 I AM UNABLE TO ASSIST FOR: BRIDAL GOWN ALTERATIONS NEEDED MAY 28th, 2023, or sooner. FORMAL/BRIDAL PARTY/EVERYDAY NEEDED PRIOR TO 3/19/23. PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOURSELF ON THE LIST UNLESS YOUR NEED IS AFTER THESE DATES!!! FOR BRIDAL NEEDS After 5/29/2023 or FORMAL/BRIDAL PARTY/EVERYDAY after 3/20/23 PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS BELOW! Be sure you are selecting the correct list for your need as there are 4 lists. The number you see in your personal link is your placement on that list. Please keep in mind there may be others ahead of you on another list as everything is time/date stamped. Be sure to keep an eye on the chart on my website - wait list page for updates. This system will also check in with you monthly to make sure you are still in need. Please be sure you are clicking CONFIRM if you are still in need or REMOVE if no longer in need/found another seamstress. You can also Remove yourself via clicking your private link that will be sent to you after submission at any time. If you don't see your link pop up on your screen upon submission, email so I may provide it. Should you have any questions please email me at [email protected] or contact me on my virtual line 667-200-2SEW (739). Thank you in advance for your business! Warmly, Joy Pelt The Joy of Sewing and Embroidery Service *Entries will be placed/considered in list according to need, completed information and submission. IS* by your name = Incomplete Submission, please email me immediately as you are missing information to be considered.

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