Welcome to the waitlist for THE APPLE TREE PRESCHOOL. Please fill out the form below to be added to our waitlist. You will be prompted to indicate location; you can chose one campus or both. You will be prompted to chose a schedule and start date. Your child will be added to the list based on their CURRENT age. If you are requesting a start date into the future, don't worry, they will age within the list. You DO NOT need to keep adding them, we will search by DOB to allocate spots appropriately. Please note our waitlist policy. We do prioritize for multiple children, siblings of enrolled children and internal transfers. Policy It is not the policy of The Apple Tree Preschool to charge a fee to be included on our wait list. Our wait list is intended to put order to the need for enrolment and have a transparent and fair system that is public & available to parents at any time. Procedure • To be included on the wait list you would be required to fill out a wait list application form. • After submitting the form you will be given a number that relates to your place on the list. • The list is compiled in order by date of families as they submit the wait list form. • Preference will be given to fulltime over part-time needs and multiple children over a single need and internal transfers. • The list will be published on our website and updated as changes occur. • When your spot(s) become available you will be contacted by the supervisor both by phone & email (if available). You will be given 24 hours to respond accepting or declining the spot. After accepting the spot a deposit must be received within 7 days or we will move to the next person on the list and you will lose your spot.

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Assigned based on Age
Assigned based on Age

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