Reno County Childcare

Waitlist Instructions

Welcome to the Reno County Child Care waitlist. Over the past several years connecting providers and parents to quality care has become increasingly difficult. It has been a goal of ours for years to create a community wide waiting list, accessible to parents of Reno County and providers to help streamline the process. Providers voluntarily sign up to participate at no cost to them so it is important to note that the list of providers available on the drop down menu does not include all of the providers available to Reno county parents. If you are looking for a spot at a specific provider you can specify that, however please know that all providers who have chosen to participate will have access to this waiting list and those with current openings may contact you. Each provider does offer varying hours, age groups as well as some may or not participate in DCF or the federal food program. During the submission process you can note any specifics for your family needs, however we understand due to the increasing need for care, a provider may reach out even if they do not meet all individualized requests in hopes that parent and provider can work together so to best serve each family. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Please note: Each child you wish to put on the waiting list will need a form submitted