Please fill out the form below to be added to the waitlist for Modern Mental Health. You can hover your mouse over any (i) for more information on some fields. You must select whether the client is a child or adult. If the client is a child, you will need to fill out additional information for the parent. Once you submit your waitlist request, you will receive a link where you can check whether you're on the waitlist, as well as remove yourself from the waitlist if you are no longer interested in services or have found services elsewhere. Wait times vary widely based on service requested and any other preferences (provider, etc.). We often recommend that you get on a waitlist for another practice or two, as well, so that you can get access to services as quickly as possible, even if it is not with us. Please visit the Resources tab on our website for helpful information while you wait for services, or use some of the information/resources on how to find providers outside of MMH.

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You must add a parent before completing the signup process. Click "Add Family Member" below to save this child's info and add a parent.