Little Jungle - School of Early Childhood

Waitlist Instructions

Please fill out the form below to be added to our waiting list. Once you have filled in your child's details, please click on "Add Family Member" and complete this section fully with your child's parent / guardian information (please ensure that you provide full name, phone number and email address). Without this information we will not be able to add your child to our waiting list. IMPORTANT: Please only click on "Add Family Member" and "Complete Signup" once to avoid creating multiple entries on the waiting list. Also please use the calendar function, rather than typing in dates on the form (e.g. when selecting Birthdate, Requested Start Date). If you are adding an application for a sibling who is already at Little Jungle, or on the waiting list please email us separately as well so that we can make sure your applications are linked. If your child has Special Educational Needs or you feel that there are any special circumstances we should know about please let us know by emailing us once you have logged your application. You can check your position on the waiting list by using the link that will be provided after you sign-up, and we will email you every 3 months to update you on your position on the waiting list. Please add to your safe list to avoid emails landing in your spam folder. Based on various priority parameters (e.g. a sibling of an attending child being added to the waiting list) your child may move up or down on the waiting list over time. Please note that being on our waiting list does not guarantee a space. Once a space for your child becomes available we will contact you. Our email address is